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A master-planned community located to the west of Victoria Point, Woodbury will give approximately 800 families, couples and individuals the chance to live alongside an abundance of flora and fauna, with about 25 per cent of the site allocated to uninterrupted nature.

Boasting 45 hectares of open green space, protected bushland areas and four parks, you’ll be able to get close to nature, right from your doorstep. Thoughtfully designed pedestrian pathways and cycleways make it easy to get around, and access the neighbourhood convenience centre, which will provide both shopping and employment opportunities.

Woodbury welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy a choice of quality housing in a setting that promotes active, healthy lifestyles. Stage 1 is expected to be complete at the end of 2022, boasting 157 lots, local road upgrades, and bushland corridor rehabilitation.

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