At Fiteni, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We actively respond to advice from experienced professionals to ensure each and every one of our builds is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Over the last five years alone, we’ve revegetated over 16 hectares of land, the majority of which has been in environmentally sensitive areas. More than 80,000 plants have been planted and established, promoting new green spaces in local communities.

We’re passionate about creating new parks and community spaces for our new residents and for all of Redlands to enjoy.

Sustainable Home Design

Fiteni promotes sustainable home design and the development of new, more efficient ways of living. All of our completed homes meet the 6-star energy efficiency guidelines. 

Some features of a 6-star energy rated house include:

  • northern orientation of living rooms
  • minimising the area of east- and west-facing walls and windows
  • natural ventilation through windows and doorways
  • shading with wider eaves and awnings
  • insulation in roof space and walls
  • high-performance glazing
  • light-coloured roofs and walls
  • ventilating the roof space via roof and eave vents
  • ceiling fans in living areas and bedrooms
  • well-designed outdoor living areas.

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