Infrastructure, demographics, supply and demand are key fundamentals to be aware of when choosing investment properties. These essentials will drive the success or failure of your investment. Firstly, consider the demand for rental properties in the area as well as the number of investment proprieties available. You should also look into the future resale value of your property and its current growth potential.

With so many factors involved when investing in a property it can be difficult to understand what your real out-of- pocket expenses will be every month. Consult a qualified financial planner for more information about how to evaluate the real cost of owning an investment property.

Protect yourself against any financial surprises by becoming aware of exactly what you’re getting, when, what you are specifically paying for and how much it will cost. Will you need to build a fence, install a gate or pay for kitchen appliances? Fiteni Homes investment properties come with tenant ready inclusions that can help you manage your costs of construction.

Consulting formal advice from a financial planner can add value to your wider investment plans. Financial planners can highlight the tricks and traps of investing, show you options you hadn’t considered and help fine tune your strategy so you stay on track to reach all your building goals. In addition to this, your financial planner will also work alongside an accountant and your mortgage broker to provide you with expert advice on your property investment.

To ensure that your mortgage broker and financial planner hold current licenses, check out website for guidelines.

At Fiteni, we are the developer and builder; because of this, middle men costs are excluded. Did you know that some investment schemes charge up to $40,000 commission. This in turn may lead to property value being well under the purchase price. You get the best value for money by buying direct.